Props and Costumes

My excess creativity and ongoing search for a return to childhood manifest themselves in a lot of ways, and my interest in costumes and props has grown a lot over the years. I don't have much here yet, but am working on several more Star Wars helmets and hope to have a lot more to show soon. A lot of this stuff started life as frantic Halloween projects, sometimes I get a fever!

AT-AT Driver Costume

In September 2014 I was bitten by a nasty bug, the "I need to be a Stormtrooper for Halloween" fever! No antibiotics for this I'm afraid, and more cowbell faled to cure me. But I did have a mediocre AT-AT Driver helmet I picked up on eBay, so with sandpaper and blade in hand I managed to build a fairly accurate AT-AT driver costume in about a month. I buit a simple vacuform table and make the rest of the armor from scratch.

Check out these other cool projects!

Hasegawa VF-1S

Hasegawa 1/72 VF-1S Battroid

A pretty simmple build up of the wonderful Hasegawa Valkyrie from the Macross Movie Do You Remember Love.

Revell TOS Cylon Raider

Revell TOS Cylon Raider

A 70's classic, featuring added detail and flickering engine lights!

Revell AT-AT Diorama

Revell 1/72 AT-AT Hoth Diorama

This diorama recreates Luke's daring escape from the classic Hoth battle in The Empire Strikes Back.

Polar Lights TOS Enterprise

1/350 Polar Lights TOS Enterprise

My fully lit build up of the huge Grey Lady from Polar Lights.