FA-010A Full Armor ZZ Gundam

The major feature here is obviously the Hyper Mega Cannon (or BMFG if you will). The basic shapes on are all here, but the kits parts leave a lot to be desired in the details. This means a lot of fun opportunities to rework it to match the Katoki line art! It's basically a 2 part left/right assembly as is, with a few parts for detail.

I started by cutting off the mounting mechanism at the rear of the gun. I cut away the underside of the big hump at the back to open up the area for greebling. This area was covered by a styrene sheet with various greebles added to match the line art. I built a styrene structure to attach the mount to the rest of the gun. I added a polycap inside the mount itself, which recieves the rod to attach it to the backpack. Spring, plastic, aftermarket minus molds, and brass rod detail this area.

Rather than list all of the details that were added to the Hyper Mega Cannon, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Suffice to say that I did a lot of work here to replicate Katoki's details. I used epoxy putty, styrene, some aftermarket bits, brass rod, and a bunch of other stuff.

The ammo belt was an interesting puzzle! I considered trying to find a watch band that would be an appropriate size. Instead Iended up using open ended styrene boxes threaded on to a slice of IDE (hard drive) cable from an old computer. To build the boxes I glued a [ shaped styrene extrusion from Evergreen Plastic to a sheet of plastic. I cut away the exess sheet, leaving me with a rectangular "tube". I carefully measured the length of slices I needed, and cut them with a razor saw in a miter box. I added a slice of thin plastic sheet for detail, and threaded them on to the IDE cable. These plug into a scratchbuild rear skirt armor, no glue required thanks to the rubbery cable.

The FAZZ's double beam rifle is pretty much the same as the regular ZZ, with oval rather than round barrels. I used the kit gun pretty much as is. I re-shaped the barrels by adding a smaller plastic rod to the bottom, then filling the gap with Bondo. This is an easy fill, just glop in the Bondo and squish on a plastic sheet to make it perfectly flat and flush. I also rebuilt the box into which the "sight" would fold during transformation, and fixed up a few other little details. FAZZ mounts this on the arm rather than using a normal rifle handle. I built a plug with plastic sheet which plugs into a polycap I embedded in the scratchbuilt right forearm.

No pictures of the painting process, but it was pretty straight foreward. I finished with Mr. Surfacer primer and Testors acrylics. Panel details were picked out with enamel washes, and the verniers were Alclad Chrome shaded with tinted Future. I printed the decals on my Alps printer, using my custom grey recipe for the "04" decal on the chest. Go now and enjoy the pictures!

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