FA-010A Full Armor ZZ Gundam

The inner torso (same parts as the standard ZZ Gundam kit) was in pretty good shape, not much work to do there. I did saw off the skirt armor parts to reattach later with springs, and added some detail to the neck area. The cables are bits of wound guitar string (probably "A"). The neck is epoxy plumbers putty shaped with files, and a ball joint to attach the head. Some plastic bits finish out the neck area.

The Full Armor here consists of a single piece that covers the whole front of the torso. A lot of problems here, it's blocky, lacks detail, and generally looks bad. First things first, I separated the lower section that covers the pelvis (no pics here for some reason), and cut away the molded in belly gun. Here's where the fun starts, greebles! I added a ton of detail to the chest, again matching as closely as possible to the original line art.

The BFBG (Big Flippin' Belly Gun) is attached to a sheet plastic base. The barrel itself is based on the tip of a pen (one of those chrome unscrew jobbies). I filed the pointy end down to enlarge the opening, scribed some lines, Bondo'd the inside, and cut away some hold in the sides for minus molds. Varius bits of guitar string, cable ties, and plastic finish this area. There's also a slice of brass tubing to represent the inner barrel.
The square recessed areas for the minus molds on the undersides of the breast were Bondo squished, with minus molds as on the legs. There are also recessed minus molds on the sides. Bondo squish didn't work out here, so I filed away the area and used thin plastic sheet to create the recess.

There are two greeble zones on the upper chest. I cut and filed these out, backed with plastic sheet, and built the details using stretched sprue, plastic bits, and a couple aftermarket details. The missile bay also had pretty lame detail, so I replaced it. I saved the missiles from the original kit, adding "minus" details to the tips. The rest of the area is detailed with with carved styrene bits, some plastic tubing, and aftermarket minus molds. The result is very close to the line art. I filled the cover with Bondo and squished it over the new details for a good fit, and removed some of the Bondo after it cured so it's not too tight. Now it's removable to reveal the missile detail.

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