Original Series Cylon Raider

The Cylon Raider has a mercifully simple color scheme: two shades of grey, black stripes, a couple markings, and some simple shading and weathering. I started by spraying the whole thing some shade or another of Tamiya light grey (sorry, don't remember what color or if it was a custom mix) with a little bit of pre-shading for grins. After the base coat I painted the Cylon markings. The kit comes with decals but I didn't like the green color, so I scanned and traced the decals to create custom vinyl masks which I cut out using my Silhouette QuicKutz. I masked and sprayed the green logos on the wings. Of course the green looked like felgercarb, so I re-masked and sprayed a lighter color. One of the studio models has a clear remnant of another logo closer to the cockpit, basically a ghost after they apparently changed their minds about where the markings should go. I wanted to replicate this, so I also masked it off, to be oversprayed slightly with a darker grey (red vinyl in the pics).

Next I masked off the darker grey areas with Tamiya tape and sprayed them a custom grey. As per usual I ended up not liking this color, frak! So ended up re-painting them a less blue version later. I also masked the black stripes with vinyl masks from the scanned sheet, though one could probably use tape just as easily. These and the cockpit hatch were sprayed with Tamiya XF-85 Rubber Black, which is a very cool not quite black color.

One more paint feature that stands out to me on the studio model is the shading on the segmented engine housings. To me this gives a bit of an insectoid feeling which I really like. Easy enough to replicate with the airbrush and some ad-hoc sticky note masks. Looks pretty cool I think!
Well, that pretty much covers the base paint job. I resisted the temptation to go all ILM on the model with chipping, streaking, and discolored panels, instead sticking with the studio model style weathering. This is basically pretty rough black and dark grey shading over the whole thing, as you can see in the finished model gallery.

I used the kit base with some lead shot glued into the bottom for added weight and stability. I attached this to a clear acrylic disk painted black on the bottom for a nice smooth shine.

Indeed, words mean are worth about zero pictures, so here are some detail shots of the model prior to weathering.

That wraps up this build, head back to the main Cylon Raider page to view the gallery!

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