Original Series Cylon Raider

Lights in a model that won't take the rest of my life to complete?? What a deal! I was inspired by a Interstellar Modeler's TOS Galactica on YouTube, which uses flickering LEDs in the engines for a more realistic look. Very cool result, so I decided to do the same on the Cylon Raider
I picked up some flickering white LEDs from Lighthouse LEDs, as well as some warm white flat top LEDs for the headlights. Here's what they look like all wired up.

The engines actually use 3 LEDs each, two flickering white and one standard blue, installed in a small plastic jar from the dollar store. I wrapped the bottle in foil tape to reflect and direct the light out the back. The caps for the little jars were frosted and made a nice diffusor too!

Here's the 9V battery happily nestled in it's cubby. It pretty much rattles around in there, I probably should have built some sort of housing for it.
I foolishly decided I didn't need a switch and just remove the battery to turn the lights off. This is a pain and I've killed more than one battery by forgetting to remove it. Maybe one of these days I'll go back and add a simple switch in there.

Here's a little video showing the flickering LED action:

Next up, let's paint!

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