Original Series Cylon Raider

As I said, I didn't do a ton of extra work to customize this model. Because the kit came with raised panel lines, and I HATE raised panel lines, the first thing I did was re-scribe all of them. In most cases I used the existing lines as a guide for placement of embossing tape which served as a guide for the scriber. Have I mentioned that I love my Tamiya scriber?
Here you can also see some little holes that I found on the studio model. These were drilled with a small bit in a pin vise.

The details on the kit are actually very accurate. A few have been simplified, and a very few were missing all together. I did my best to replace and refine the detail, using mostly bits Evergreen styrene stock. In the spirit of the artists who built the original, I took some creative license with areas that looked bare to me, adding some greeblies to flesh out the look.
Incidentally, this is a fun model to ID donor kit parts, there are straight up tank tracks and other very recognizable bits! I was amused to find a bunch of what ILM apparently calls the "universal greeblie" (according to Adam Savage) all over the ship. I spent several hours building these for my Revell AT-AT, only to find a plethora of them on the Raider!

One bit of detailing that's conspicuously absent/wrong are the boxy housings on either side of the cockpit. This was pretty easy to fix with some sheet styrene. I did have to extend the front "lip" with thin plastic strip to get that signature overhang.
Knowing I would be lighting the model I needed a way to power the LEDs. I wanted to use a battery so it would be self contained. I cut an opening under the cockpit hatch to accomodate a 9V battery. After some fiddling with rare earth magnets, some bits of sheet metal, and epoxy putty I was able to get the hatch to fit flush, held in place by the magnets.

Battery compartment done!

While the build wasn't necessarily done in this order, let's pretend lighting the model is next.

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