AT-AT Hoth Diorama

Once again Revell has provided a good starting point for the legs, but they need a lot of work to be accurate. The most glaring problems are the compromises at the circular hip and knee joints, where Revell included a wonky looking pin to attach the sections and allow movement. I covered these with disks cut from sheet plastic, detailed appropriately. The studio model has varios of visible alan and flat head screws, so I picked up some small hex head screws from the hardware store and used resin copies to detail the legs. Most of the rest of the detailing is just styrene sheet and half-round stock. The only other bit of cleverness was using some photoetched screw heads set into drilled holes. These are "minus molds" intended for Gundam models but work out nicely here, a subtle but noticable detail.

The circular bumps on the kit ankles are much simplified when compared to the studio model. I sculpted a new one from epoxy putty and a hex screw, and cast resin copies for the 8 required details.
Work on the feet consisted mostly of removing existing detail and scribing lines. I chiseled out a chanel around the "toes" to imply articulation, and didn't bother building a sole. More Flak greeblies detail the sides, and the hydraulic was built from brass and plastic tubing. This foot was cast in resin for the additional copies needed.

The large hip connectors were thickened with a layer of plastic sheet, then I drilled out the diagonal slit to match the stuio model. Details at the joint were added, again with a plastic disk and resin hex screw heads.
I made some modifications to the D shaped ankle piece, adding the missing hex bolt detail and the recessed channels on front and side using Bondo squish. I only had to build half of one ankle, then cast copies for the rest. Having the ankle piece in halves made painting easier, as I could attach the foot to the legs after painting. I love it when a plan comes together!

Next up, the fun starts with painting!

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